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Welcome! Tanzanite has inarguably taken the gemstone and jewelry world by storm in recent years. There is nothing quite as beautiful as a glistening blue loose tanzanite gemstone in natural light. The colors are simply extraordinary. We've prided ourselves in delivering only the finest tanzanite gems since 1999. Please check out our offering of new tanzanite gems recently added. Even though tanzanite prices continue to rise, please see below how to obtain substantial savings at checkout.


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If you are new to purchasing tanzanite, or you would like to learn more about this fine gemstone, please enjoy browsing through our Tanzanite Knowledge Base for excellent resources and information about tanzanite. Especially, see our update on tanzanite prices! Based upon upcoming Tucson 2015 pricing levels, which generally sets primary pricing indicators for the year, we expect regular price increases throughout 2015. Economic recovery is well underway in the USA, so N-O-W is a great time to purchase a fine tanzanite!

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Monthly Specials For September

1.41ct Spessartite Round Brilliant ~ 73 Facet WOW!
$423.00   $211.50
Save:  50% off
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1.53ct Spessartite Round Brilliant ~ 65 Facet Custom Cut
$459.00   $229.50
Save:  50% off
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