1.37ct Spessartite Round Brilliant ~ Sizzles!

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Gem Type: Natural Genuine Spessartite Garnet
Carat Weight:
Shape & Size (LxWxD):
73 facet Round Brilliant, 6.00 x 6.00 x 4.1mm
Color & Clarity:
Best, Type III gem, SI
Namibia, Africa (This is where all world-class spessartite rough originates)
Cut Proportions:
Fine to Extra Fine
Polish: Gem was polished with .3 micron Aluminum Oxide
Faceted By:
John McQueen, B.S.
None. Garnet is not treated.
Return Policy:
100% Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee, 5 day return privilege
Actual gemstone. See additional image(s) below.
Notes: What a gorgeous round brilliant spessartite garnet! This gemstone will fit in a calibrated 6mm setting. This stone took a little over 3 1/2 hours to complete and came from a 4.2ct piece of very high quality and expensive spessartite rough. We especially prefer the 73 facet round brilliant cut over the standard 57 facet round brilliant because it gives the stone additional sparkle and brilliance. As you know, any "brilliant" cutting on the pavilion is better than a native step cut. Even though custom cut stones cost more, the results of precision faceting make all the difference in the world. Spessartite normally occurs in nature as very included. This is why it is considered a Type III gemstone. At present, very little spessartite is being mined. Please contact us for more information on this spessartite or if you would like to have one custom cut.
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