3.38ct Spessartite Garnet Spessartine Round ~ 73 Facet Brilliant

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Gem Type: Natural Genuine Spessartite Garnet
Carat Weight: 3.38ct
Shape & Size (LxWxD): Round Brilliant 73 facet, 8.70 x 8.70 x 5.70mm
Color & Clarity: Best, Type III gem, SI
Origin: Namibia, Africa
Cut Proportions: Fine to Extra Fine
Polish: Gem was polished with 60,000 grit diamond

Precision Faceted By: John McQueen, B.S.
Treatment: None. Garnet is not treated.
Return Policy: 100% Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee, 5 day return privilege
Image and Video: Actual gemstone. Additional image(s) below. Simply click on the thumbnail(s). The stone is MUCH nicer than the images. The lighting is hard to control when imaging spessartite due to the intense sparkle of this material. Flash photography is not used in any of our imaging.
Notes: This is a spectacular brilliant cut spessartite round. Gem has color to match and the stone shows excellent color. This gemstone will fit in a calibrated 9mm setting. What a look this will be! This spessartite took over 4 hours to facet and polish and came from a 14.9ct piece of very high quality spessartite rough. This cut is an adaptation of a Bob Keller design and is probably the best round brilliant designs for spessartite. As you can see, precision faceting does make a difference when it comes to sparkle and brilliance. I cut this gem with 42-degree pavilion break facets and 39-degree pavilion main facets for best glitter and presentation. It really shows the color! For durability and strength, the girdle is faceted and well proportioned. Since spessartite normally occurs in nature as very included, this is why it is considered a Type III gemstone. At present, very little spessartite is being mined and the material coming out of the ground is often mis-identified. For a garnet to be true spessartite or spessartine, it must have a high refractive index and demonstrate a pure red-orange flash. Some intensely colored, lower refractive index hessonite is being passed off as spessartite, so please be sure of what you are looking at if you are in the market for a fine spessartite. Please contact us for more information on this spessartite or if you would like to have John custom cut one for you.

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