Standard Accessories

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2 JD-393 ULTRA TEC Lamp


There is a stud, that holds the Lamp, preassembled at the rear of the Baseplate . The Lamp's vinyl-coated gooseneck is 30 inches long, allowing easy location of the...

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3 JD-394 ULTRA TEC Dust Cover

ULTRA TEC Dust Cover

Protect your equipment and the lap surface from airborne grit--and avoid "mystery" scratches. Made of flexible 4 mil vinyl, and imprinted with the Ultra Tec logo. A...

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6 JD-392 ULTRA TEC Faucet Kit

ULTRA TEC Faucet Kit

ULTRA TEC V2 Faucet Kit Many people prefer this to the traditional Drip Tank that comes standard with the ULTRA TEC V2 machine. The Faucet's main advantage is that...

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