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For your convenience and to insure a timely response from us, please send us an email using the following form. A member of the support staff will respond to your inquiry shortly. For all customer and sales support questions, please use the contact form below. Contact categories (see dropdown box below) are:

Customer Service: For those of you who have placed or received your order, or have a question regarding the shipment or status of your order.

Sales / Pre-sales Questions: For those of you needing additional information on an item or items prior to purchase.

General Gem Information: For those of you who have a general question related to gems and gemstones. We very much enjoy answering these types of questions!

Technical Gem Information: For those of you who have a advanced, specific gemmological question regarding a specific item or gem type.

Special Gem Requests or Suggestions: For those of you who have a special or custom request. Perhaps you've seen an item marked 'sold out' which you wish to purchase. Chances are, through our extensive supplier network, we can obtain a like item for you.

Corporate Relations: For those of you requesting local/regional business and event planning.

Website Issues: For those of you experiencing issues in viewing our site and/or its functionality in your browser. Our site is best viewed with a recent browser version (IE, Safari, Chrome, Firefox). Please 'check for updates' to confirm you are running your browser's most recent version before emailing us.

Link Requests: For those of you wishing to partner with us through a link exchange.

Please also refer to our updated FAQ page here. Many times, you will find your specific answer through this valuable resource.

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