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eTanzanite Discount Coupons - How they work and more...

From time to time, we email discount coupons to our client base, as well as those of you who have simply registered on our site. For this reason, it is important that you update your account when your email address changes. Otherwise, you may miss receiving a valuable coupon.

In the most basic form, here's how coupons work. When you receive a coupon in your inbox, there may be special instructions within the text of the email that are very important. You may need to click a link within the email in order to "activate" the coupon code in your account. If you fail to activate the coupon, you won't be able to receive the additional discount at checkout.

Please know that when we send a coupon out, it is critical that you visit us to make your purchase as our tanzanites and other gemstones are often 1-only items. If you miss the deadline for using your coupon, please do not request an extension as this would make the whole system unfair for everyone else.

So, next time you see an email from us, please be sure to read it as most of our coupons are actually quite valuable. Many times they will at least cover shipping expenses and, often times, much more. We give these not only to help you save $'s, but also with the hope that you will share your experience with others. We appreciate referral business and promise to treat everyone with the utmost of professionalism and respect.

If there is a coupon code that you have received of which you desire additional information regarding, please enter the code in the box below and click 'send'. The next screen will provide additional information regarding that coupon, such as use restrictions, expiration date, and/or category restrictions. Coupon and Gift Certificate stacking is not allowed. Any coupon/gift certificate used must be unique. Orders with multiple coupons will not be processed.

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