Tanzanite Availability

Tanzanite Pear Cut Tanzanite Availability

Since tanzanites are only mined in one place on planet earth, the billion dollar question is, "How long will the supply of tanzanite last?" Our response...Good question!

It is important to understand that the geological formations in Tanzania where tanzanite is found are quite unique and perhaps not duplicated anywhere else on earth. With this in mind, it has been determined that, in all likelihood, that crystalline zoisite will not be found anywhere else. This means, as with any non-renewable resource, that some day the supply of tanzanite will be exhausted.

Ultra-conservative estimates have been stated in the 10 to 12 year range for the current life of mine. Liberal estimates state that there is enough material in the ground to sustain another 20+ years of production. It is a well-known fact that Tanzanite One has very vast resources and have secured very generous rights for exploration within the tanzanite mining region. Top representatives have stated that the mine has enough known material to sustain production for about another 15 years. As new producing areas are discovered, Tanzanite One Ltd will make press releases. They are a publicly-traded entity and want their shareholders to be informed.

One of our clients acquired this incredible 32ct+ emerald cut tanzanite from us a couple of years ago. Notice how rich the color is! When positioned at about a 30 degree angle to the light source (bottom photo), we were able to capture the amazing, purplish-red flash on this stone. Tanzanite color at its best!

32.11ct Emerald Cut Tanzanite