Custom Tanzanite Orders

Tanzanite ~ Custom Ordering

Tanzanite to order! We have become popular for our ability to fulfill custom tanzanite orders over the years. From single tanzanite orders to assembling entire collections of tanzanites for jewelers and designers, we have the ability to obtain just about every shape, size and color available. Why? Because we acquire our tanzanite directly from TanzaniteOne Ltd. sightholders and their representatives. This guarantees that whatever is currently available in the market is obtainable by

Special tanzanite requests are welcome and have been a mainstay in our business for many years. Additionally, "custom" does not necessarily mean "expensive" or more expensive than the prices you routinely see in our store. Our tanzanite volume is high enough to ensure that you have the best chance of getting your special tanzanite from us. For our valued clients, we have even had tanzanite trilliants recut into tanzanite heart shapes. We will work with you on any request you may have, because when it comes to tanzanite, we want to make sure that your ideas and dreams are realized with your tanzanite purchase.

Please contact us with your special request today! We'd be glad to hear from you.

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