Tanzanite Jewelry Project

Tanzanite Jewelry Project ~ Create Your Own Ring!

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There is perhaps nothing more exciting than to create your very own piece(s) of tanzanite jewelry. In fact, many of you have sent some incredible pictures of your creations to us. We always appreciate hearing from those of you who take the time to share your special event with us. Creating your own piece(s) of tananite jewelry is actually easier than you think PLUS you can save a ton of cash in the process.

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12.35ct Tanzanite Ring WOW! Here is a picture that one of our clients sent to us of their 12.35ct Tanzanite Pear they created from a phenomenal tanzanite they purchased from us less than a year ago.  Jackie B. (the client) reported the total time on the project was less than 2 weeks and the finished tanzanite and diamond ring appraised for nearly 3 x's the $'s invested. Overall, Jackie said it was a simple project to put together this tanzanite ring.  The jeweler ordered the setting and then set the stone. There are many accounts just like this from people who have created different pieces of tanzanite jewelry with the tanzanite stones they purchase from us.  You CAN make your own tanzanite jewelry, including tanzanite rings, tanzanite pendants and tanzanite earrings. So, go ahead and give it a try!

You may have visited many online jewelry tanzanite stores which offer standard, run-of-the-mill tanzanite pieces. As you consider your tanzanite purchase, we believe that you owe it to yourself to create each piece of tanzanite jewelry you wear. We work with our supplier base to match up pairs for tanzanite earrings. Why purchase tanzanite rings locally when you have the opportunity to obtain an ideal stone and then have it set? And...after you have your tanzanite ring and earrings, add a tanzanite pendant to complete your set. Most times, you will be able to find the perfect setting through a local jeweler or at a local trade show. Purchasing loose tanzanite through us is really quite simple and your jeweler will enjoy working with you as you create your pieces of tanzanite jewelry together.

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