Tanzanite Shapes

tanzanite oval Tanzanite Shapes

Tanzanite is faceted into many different shapes, though the most common ones are listed below along with links to our store for each of the categories:

Also available are tanzanite beads which many manufacturers drill and string to be worn as necklaces. These are generally manufactured from more lightly colored, included material. The design possibilities are endless with tanzanite. So, whether you are searching for a tanzanite pear, tanzanite oval, tanzanite round, and/or any of the other shapes listed above, please select one from our growing tanzanite inventory. If we don't have it in stock, we can have it for you usually within 48 hours. Custom orders are always welcome.

You may be asking which tanzanite shape is best for you. Based on our sales over the past 10+ years, the cushion cut is the most popular. A close second in the trilliant. Then...oval, round, pear and the others. Tanzanite collectors generally look for unique shapes with exceptionally good color. If you are purchasing a loose tanzanite for the first time, we heartily recommend either a cushion cut or a trilliant. Both shapes provide for very good color if well cut.

As you may have read elsewhere on our site, all of our fine tanzanites are individually inspected and sorted and are carefully hand-selected from thousands of carats of solitaire sized tanzanite. If you require additional info on the availability of any other tanzanite shapes, please contact us. It is important that you have a good basic understanding of this beautiful gemstone and the exciting shapes which are available.

tanzanite cushion cuttanzanite ovaltanzanite pear..trilliant tanzanite trillion tanzanite