Sightholder Distribution

Tanzanite Trilliant Tanzanites Tanzanite Distribution and Siteholders

Recently, TanzaniteOne Ltd. adopted a Debeers style of distribution and now lists 6 primary sightholders. As new sightholders are added, we will be sure to update the following list:

  • K. L. Tambi & Co. - India
  • Colorjewels - USA
  • STS Jewels - USA
  • Rare Multicolor Gems - USA
  • The Tanzanite Company - South Africa
  • Tanzanite International - USA

The role of the sightholders is to process rough tanzanite and to manufacture jewelry. They have the ability to purchase large amounts of rough and have wholesale and retail distribution networks in place to facilliatate the sale of loose tanzanite and finished jewelry. sources all of its tanzanite through registered sightholders.

13.50ct Tazanite Oval