Tanzanite Client Testimonials

Tanzanite Oval Cut Tanzanite Client Testimonials

We take great joy in hearing from our customers on the quality of our tanzanites and thought we would share some of their reports with you.

From Teresa F.
"Hi...Just received my stone! It is absolutely beautiful!! It looks even better than I imagined! Thank you so much! I am taking it tonight to have it appraised, then I have to tuck away someplace safe. For now I just can't stop looking at it.
I have some more good news for you I hope. I have a some relatives who want to buy one too. They have about ($edited) to spend. They want to know if you have anything in that price range that is more distinctly blue though. Any size, any shape, flawless of course...Thank you again so much. You really did steer me to the perfect choice. Maybe I can buy again from you sometime in the future. But if you have anything as I asked above, please let me know. The relatives don't know anything about computers and I will probably have to do it for them. Thank you again." (4.85ct Tanzanite Oval)

From Donna C.
"This is my second tanzanite purchase from your site. I've been getting Tanzanite stones as investments. This stone is so abolutely stunning, that I'm going to have to keep it for myself." Rating - 5/5 Stars (3.11ct Tanzanite Cushion)

From Helena M.
"I purchased this tanzanite and it is absolutely gorgeous! It really took my breath away. I have bought tanzanites from this company in the past and have always been very satisfied and confident that I am buying the best quality there is. Thanks again!" (7.36ct Tanzanite Cushion) Rating - 5/5 Stars

From Steven E.
"Excellent communication. A beautiful tanzanite that arrived in only 2 days."
(6.48ct Tanzanite Cushion Cut) Rating - 5/5 Stars

From Patricia O.
"Never thought an emerald cut tanzanite would contain the kind of red flash this one has! Received this tanzanite and have never seen better quality. Red flashes, gorgeous, deep, saturated color. This is one of three I have ordered from you, and I will be back for more! The quality of the gems here are AAA+--but the customer service is even better than that. Thank you for the high level of support to the customer even AFTER the sale!" (4.68ct Tanzanite Emerald Cut) Rating - 5/5 Stars

From Janet S.
"Just a note to let you know that I got my Tanzanite (6.02ct Cushion) yesterday. It is gorgeous! Very Blue! I was a bit nervous ordering sight unseen over the internet - but you came through. I just got back from my jewelers who is setting the stone in a diamond pendant for me. He thought the price I paid was great and wanted your website address. Thanks again!" (6.02ct Tanzanite Cushion Cut) Rating - 5/5 Stars

From Jim and Terri S.
"Thank you for your time and knowledge. Also, thank you for the beautiful material you sold us. Jim and Terri"

From Jean C.
"As you can imagine, I was very relieved when the tanzanite finally arrived.
It is a beautiful stone, and I would like to say thank you..."

From Susan P.
"I received the ring today. It is BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much!"

From Richard K.
"I'm really fascinated with the tanzanite prices that is listed on your site, and I will purchase my next purchase of tanzanite with your company. It's really hard to compare the prices with other network, or TV network company. It's really great that I have somehow found your site, and will keep your site in mind for my next purchase of tanzanite. Thank you Richad K" Rating - 5/5 Stars

From Isabel R.
"I just received this tanzanite and I am gem-struck!!! It is simply awesome!!!!"
(11.24ct Tanzanite Square Cushion) Rating - 5/5 Stars

From Debby M.
"Wow! I am beyond words....I have seen lots of superb tanzanite, but this is the finest piece ever. It must be in that rarified ST grade (above AAA). I just can't stop looking at it, it is so exquisite. Your customer service is beyond compare as well. From now on, I am only purchasing tanzanite from you. I am very grateful for all your help! Thank you again for all your guidance...Now that I know how superb your company is, I will be back for more tanzanite from you, & will refer others.... Sincerely, Debby M." (3.77ct Tanzanite Trilliant)

From Mary V.
"I can't tell you how beautiful the tanzanite that Joe bought from you is! He had my prong repaired and this stone put into my ring for Chrstmas morning. My lost stone was a heatbreaker for me as it had been a much loved ring, carefully selected in St. Thomas for our 25th anniversary five years ago. I never, ever dreamed I would have this ring back on my finger after throwing a very expensive wedding for our daughter in Hawaii in September. Our budget was shot for the year! I almost think this stone may mean more to me than the original. Joe went through a lot of research and work to find you and your lovely stones. Thank you for your honest and reliable help to my husband. We look forward to doing business with you again! A Christmas to remember!"

From Isabel R.
"This tanzanite is a dazzler and I received it just in time for Valentine's Day!!!" (15.04ct Tanzanite Heart Shape) Rating - 5/5 Stars

From Steve H,
"Very, Very nice tanzanite stone as you said it would be and expect to see/hear me buying from you in the future. Just make a note of what you sold me now...as I need to purchase 2 pieces of matching color, AAA+, and size tanzanite from you to make a pair of earrings for my wife to match the stone I just got from you...that I'm putting in a ring for her. I will be in touch again. Many Thanks, Steve"

From William R.
"I received the tanzanite today...and wanted to let you know I couldn't be more pleased. It was exactly what I wanted. You may recall my initial question to you was about your return policy - needless to say, I was skeptical about this type of purchase. Thanks again and hopefully we can do business in the future."

From Judith R.
"Tanzanite is quite extraordinary!! Color is fabulous!!! Among the best I've ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!-!!!" (12.28ct Tanzanite Cushion Cut) Rating - 5/5 Stars

From Jacqui D.
"Hi John and Debbie. My mother overnighted the stone to me here in Roanoke and I'm just in love with it. Thank you guys ever so much!!!!!!! It's so beautiful! Now, I want to find out if you ever luck out and find tanzanite stones for earrings this beautiful. I would truly love some. Thanks again, Jacqui"

From Jenifer F.
"I just wanted to get back to you and tell you that the 2.3ct trilliant tanzanite is beautiful. I took it to my jeweler to be set and they loved it and wanted to know where I got it!" Thanks, Jenifer"

From Jeff S.
"I am writing from my work email address rather than my home email address for two reasons. First, I am at work and not at home and I didn't want to wait before writing you. Second, my wife is at home and I do not want her intercepting any home email response you may have since she does not yet know I purchased this stone for her. Feel free to respond to this address if you like, but please do not send anything to the home address from this point on (my wife's birthday isn't until May). When I bought the stone, I mentioned I was going to have it taken to a gemologist to confirm its weight and value. You suggested a G.G. Since I am in the insurance industry, I am well aware of the fact that there are a lot of worthless appraisers out there. I simply wanted the unadorned truth regarding the tanzanite stone I bought from your company. I took the stone to a highly respected G.G. here in Dallas. I told her that I did not want an inflated appraisal - I wanted her to be brutally honest and critical. I told her I wanted to know what she would buy this stone for. I purposefully did not tell her anything about how much money I paid, what I thought the weight was, or what I thought the quality was. She confirmed the fact that this was a 6.24ct top quality genuine tanzanite stone. She said the stone was cut very well. She noted the rich blue, violet, and pink flashes. She was very complimentary. She said she would expect to pay between $600 and $900 per carat, wholesale, for a stone of this quality. She then said to add 50% on top of that to come up with a retail figure. When I left it with her so she could come up with a pendant setting, she asked what I wanted to put down as a price for her insurance purposes. I suggested the lower $600 per carat figure and told her I paid less than that. She disagreed and put $8000 as the estimated retail value because she said that if her business was robbed, that is what her insurance company would have to pay to come up with a similar quality replacement. As you might expect, I was elated! Thank you for living up to my hopes and expectations. I assure you I will pass your name on to all my acquaintances who might be interested in buying quality stones at a great price. Very best regards, Jeff"

From Carolyn G.
"My local jeweler was VERY impressed with the quality of the tanzanite gem I recently purchased from you. He estimated its worth at $2000 and I paid $618.00. Thanks so much! I really appreciate your selling to indviduals, as I couldn't afford to have such beautiful jewelry any other way. I'd like to purchase some accent diamonds for settings, and wonder if you can give me an idea of cost for 5 point and 10 point diamonds of good quality. For example, at least a color rating of F/G and clarity of about SI. I'd like bright, sparkly ones for rings. Do you think I'm on the right track with these specifications? Thanks again. I hope to continue to do business with you for a long time...as my budget allows! Carolyn"

From Melissa S.
"I just got this back from the jeweler today. It was a 1.7ct pear shap Madagascar Pink sapphire. I had it set in an old platinum mount with a baguette diamond on either side. I just wanted to let you know that it is spectacular. My husband is impressed with the sparkle. I LOVE it. It looks much prettier than my diamond did in the setting. My old mount that was just lying around, so I thought I'd use it. I never expected it to come out quite so lovely! I would send you a picture, but the combination of the sapphire and the platinum/diamonds makes the ring far too "spakly" to photograph with my digital camera! A big thanks. I suppose you don't get to hear a follow up from many happy web users after they set the stone, but I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am to have the beautiful ring made with your stone. Thanks, Melissa S."

From Dik G.
"I love my 7ct. pear shaped tanzanite purchased about 2.5 years ago. Thanks, Dik G., G.G." (G.G. Graduate Gemologist GIA)

From Helena M.
"Incredible tanzanite as always. TGZ offers the best quality tanzanite at the best prices--it absolutely cannot be beat. I've been pricing tanzanite and comparing quality among several sellers. I always come back. Thanks for a great stone." Rating - 5/5 Stars (3.45ct Tanzanite Round Cut)

From Todd H.
"I received the 4.76ct tanzanite...a very,very nice stone. I am happy. It has been a pleasure working with you. I hope to do business with you again. Thank you, Todd"

From Tina A.
"I received the package today, 2/14. The stone is breathless! Thanks again." (We think she meant to say," breathtaking.")

We have many more of these types of testimonials from other customers and will continue to post them for you. We have been in business online since 1999 and have completed over 4,500 transactions with over 2,300 customers. This averages out to 1.87 transactions per customer, so we do quite a bit of repeat business. eTanzanite.com is serious about making customers happy. Please let us know how we may be of service to you.

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